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"It started working in days, it reduced the size and redness, it took longer for it to completely 100% go away because I have scar-prone skin which makes it harder for me personally to heal but it worked great! Thank you so much!" Kelly Y. from Edmonton, Alberta CANADA.

"This stuff is INCREDIBLE! I developed one of those nasty bumps on a cartilage piercing 9 months after getting pierced, it just would not heal! It made sleeping on my right side impossible because it was so painful, I started thinking I should just take the jewelry out and let it heal shut. I'm so happy I found Post-Pierce, it was super easy to apply and didn't have any kind of funky build-up or a weird smell. I started noticing a major difference in 3 days, and within a week it was completely gone. I haven't had an issue since, and the piercing has completely healed! Now it's time to get the other ear done! I highly recommend keeping this product around for any future piercings you or your friends may have- it's been a huge life saver! Thanks!" Betne W. from Lubbock, TX.

"It's amazing and smells like Heaven!" Deanna D. on August 19, 2016

"The bump is gone and is healing perfectly, thanks to your product it took me around 3 weeks and I still have some product left. Totally recommend it, thanks!" Niesha T. from Orlando, FL.

Heals scarring from removed piercings

"Amazing Results! I have had my cartlidge peirced many times. This last time it got so infected and uncomfortable. I couldnt even bump it on my phone or pillow without wanting to scream! My brother told me about post peirce and i was willing to try anything! I wish I would have discovered this product with some of my other piercings! My ear started healing within about 2 days after using post peirce. I was amazed by how quickly my pain level, swelling, and redness dropped. I would recommend this product even if it's a fresh piercing and not infected, the healing process will definitely be expedited! Below I posted my before and after pics you can see the upper cartlidge where I took the earring out and how irritated it was in the second picture (black nails) you cannot even tell there was a peircing. Those pictures were take within 8 days of eachother!" Heather B. on July, 31 2016 Amazon Review

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