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Post-Pierce quickly, naturally, and pleasantly returns the skin to it's natural beauty from cartilage piercings that have healed with a bump including scarring bump from a closed cartilage piercing.

Naturally packed with anti-fungal, antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that promote the production of collagen to return the skin to it's natural beauty.

All Natural • Noncomedogenic • No Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives

Works in 30 Days or Your Money Back!

About the Product

Post-Pierce is a unique formula of moisturizing essential oils that effectively returns the skin to its natural beauty from cartilage piercings that have developed a nodule or bump. Post-Pierce works effectively and pleasantly on the skin suffering from such conditions to returns the skin to its natural beauty quickly.

Post-Pierce is intended for use after the piercing has fully healed but left with a bump or nodule, with recommended hypoallergenic metal jewelry. Our best results are on nodules that form after a cartilage piercing has been physically irritated which creates a bump centered on the piercing. Post-Pierce will return the skin to its natural beauty in DAYS! Some individuals have mistaken a nodule with an allergic reaction from the jewelry; mainly to the Nickel found in Stainless Steel we recommend using Niobium or Titanium jewelry from the start to prevent that from occurring. Post-Pierce also works great a removed cartilage piercing that closed but left a bump under the skin.

Post-Pierce is NOT intended for misaligned piercings with a micro-'bump' from compressed skin tissue due to physical piercing misalignment of the skin and cartilage.

Post-Pierce is applied, with the included personal applicator wand, gently to the raised skin area 3 times a day until desired results are achieved.

Post-Pierce is carefully and specially blended with a proprietary method by our chemist and team to enhance and maximize the natural properties of specifically selected pure essential oils of Lavender, Juniper, Lemongrass and Orange blended in a base of pure Jojoba Oil. Post-Pierce is designed to work fast as these pure oils absorb extremely quickly into the skin contributing to Post-Pierce's unsurpassed effectiveness of results.

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